Intercessory Group and Prayer Chain

Intercessory Group

On Wednesday night, 6 pm to 7 pm, the Intercessory Prayer Group meets in the Aldersgate classroom to intercede for people on our prayer list by naming them and lifting them up to God.  We have a short devotion by someone in the group and share the status of those we have been praying for.

There is a time of prayer when members can pray aloud or silently.  We close with the Lord's Prayer.  Everyone is invited to join us.


Prayer Chain

There is a prayer chain available for immediate prayer needs.  Anyone on the chain list can start the chain in motion.  When you receive a call, you pray and call the next person on the list.  If no one answers, you leave a message if there is an answering machine and go on the next name.  The chain is complete when the person who started the request is called.

You are invited to become a link in the prayer chain.